Need help picking a gpu for my build

is this a good gpu for my build? it's $160 on newegg



gpu - asus hd7850 2gb 


mobo-asus m5a78l-plus

yes and that is a great card as well, that will play bf4 on ultra i bleieve, last i checked it was equivalent to a gtx 660ti and the 2 gb of Vram will do just fine. check benchmarking videos and reviews !

I personally have a FX-4100 and a 7850 in my build, working good for me.

A 7850 isn't on par with a 660 TI it's a bit closer to a 660 really.


A 7850 is a bit under a 7870, and can be compared on the Nvidia side of things to a GTX 650 Ti Boost.


You can expect in BF4 50+ frames at a mix of high/ultra settings, but maxed out it'll drop a bit lower (at 1080p)





1. 7850 is equivelant to a 650ti Boost at best, I think you were thinking of the HD 7950 when you said that.

2.7850 Plays BF4 on a mix of medium-high settings.


@OP That FX 4100 will seriously bottleneck you, not very noticeable with the 7850, but anything above will be severely limited. I suggest you upgrade to Piledriver (FX 6300+) or an Intel i5 before considering a GPU upgrade.

Although the 7850 is a good card, a 7870 is only a bit more and performs much better, so I suggest you aim for that if you can. But upgrade the CPU first, as it will bottleneck you pretty hard.