Need Help pick out a pair of headphones

So the time has come were I want to pick up a pair of new headphones, here are some of my thoughts

  • AKG Q 701
  • AKG K550
  • AKG K267
  • HE-400

Now I know what you might be thinking why do you have 2 pairs of open headphones in that list and two pairs of closed. So I have a pair of open headphones already and I am still debaiting weather i wanna give closed headphones a shot. I have tried my friends pair of V Moda LP2, and they we really nice But a bit base heavy IMO, and i have tried my other friends pair of audio technical ATH-M50x and I liked them too. My only issue with closed headphones is i cant hear my self talk when I am on skype with friends or streaming on twitch.

AKG K612, you're welcome. They're the best headphones for the price, just go research.

I like the Sennheiser wireless headphones, I use them sometimes if i am watching a podcast or youtube and need to go make a coffee. WIth these I don't miss anything or have to pause.

Just get a HD600 with a HD650 cable, a HD380 with a shorter aftermarket cable for portable and an Antlion ModMIC for swearing.

I have a AKG 702 and Beyerdynamic T 70. I usually stick with the 702's because the sound stage is massive and you can really pick out the separation in the instruments. They are open back so they are not bass heavy. I picked them up for about $200 on Amazon last year. The T 70's are well made headphones and very comfortable but they are not light because of the metal construction. They run about $570 retail most places. The sound quality isn't any better than the 702's in my opinion, in fact the sound stage is smaller since they are closed back. Extra cost is more for the build quality. I found a pair on eBay for a good price.