Need help! pc build

Dear experts and everone else,

I have choosen parts for a Pc but the problem is I don't know if it will work and if it will work really good. I wonder if this build will be fast enough to get at least 30 FPS while recording for games like Crysis 2 and other lag intensive games. Well, I hope I can get help and I just want at least an assumption if it will work and work good. The information is below here.

Thanks for any help given,
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ZFenix (Guy who needs help)

UGH its starting to drive me insane, please use the enter key , please. Its really not that bad, here look I'll show you.

See? Now its a new line, cool right? Now let me show you a list:

  • Hot damn
  • this is quite the list
  • don't ya think?
  • Bullets and indents and all that shit

Lastly, always post your budget, you system's intended purpose, and the country you live in. We want to help you. Honestly. You just need to help us help you. Not to simply rant on you, just you happened to be unfortunate enough to set me off <3

take that money that you put towards windows and get windows by "other means". And put it towards the gpu

3 Issues that i have with your build and the way your comment was written. 

  1. LISTS!!!! I fully agree with Cloud they make it so much easier to help you
  2. If you want to get any form of 30 FPS on Crysis 2 you might want to look towards a GTX650 or a 650Ti to run any  modern games at a framerate that is actually playable.
  3. Get a different psu than the one that is included in the case or get a different case that is cheaper with an independent power supply

For my finnal thoughts I see your CPU cooler and I would guess that you will be doing some overclocking and if you do that you will get the best preformance out of the last generation CPU from AMD.

use the amd fx 4300 and get a way better gpu


LOL like the rest that have posted before me, enumerate your list in decending fashion or put them in bullet form. It is visually unpleasing.

I agree with Lman about the PSU; don't trust the included power supplies... they are free for a pretty darn good reason. They are usually poorly made and you'd regret cheaping out on a PSU (when I was younger, I learned the hard way on why cheaping out on your PSU is a bad idea; let's just say, there was a loud pop in my case that killed my system.)

And for your GPU... take notoonah's advice and use your money that you'd use for your Windows on a GPU to get something like a GTX 650 or higher. LOL

How about this? Is it Better? Will it play Crysis 2 slightly more than 30 FPS? and if I degraded my Graphics card to a Gigabyte RADEON 7750 2GB OC, will it still play Crysis 2 slighlty more than 30 FPS? BTW, My Budget is about $700 AUS becasue I live in Australia and Thanks for the help, Guys!!! Here are the new Specs:

I have No Intention of Overclocking maybe in the future, when I do upgrade the CPU (assuming I do get a Computer)




You legend ^^^^^

I will make it easier all of us

Graphics Cards:(60962-2022035)Gigabyte nVidia GTX 650 Ti 2G

AMD CPU:(57018-1007465)AMD FX-4170 Four-Core - AM3+

AMD Motherboards:(52885-1005584)Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 Mainboard - AM3+

Desktop Hard Drives:(50230-1007910)Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Optical Drives:(60937-1010308)Samsung 24x Internal Optical Drive

Desktop Memory:(56876-1007411)G.SKILL DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) PC-12800/1600 Ares GS-F3-1600C9D-8GA

Cases (no PSU included):(47943-1000722)Thermaltake V6 BlacX Edition

CPU Coolers:(60529-1010319)Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler

Power Supplies:(60907-1010332)Corsair CX430 V3 80 PLUS BRONZE

now i can breathe and actually read this a little bit more than i did last time

I'm Sorry... I copied straight from the cart I had. Sorry for the incovienience guys