Need Help On Upgrade

Hello, I am Cannon.

So I am thinking on upgrading my PC for my birthday on the 10th.

Here is my current build, and all I want to add is an R9 290.
  (If you do click build, make sure to look at the custom parts, as some parts are to old and are not on PCPartpicker)

So the question here is, will it be a great increase in performance for DayZ, ARMA2-3, Battle Field? I have a TINY budget and have to reuse previous parts from previous builds and this is a huge investment for me!

Thank you so much for taking time and helping me with my decisions, and If you have an opinion on what I should upgrade before a GPU then tell me!


PS: My current fps in ARMA3 multiplayer is 8fps...  on max and on low?   :p   

My Build:
My Build

Here is what i would upgrade: 

The CPU is good so keep that. 

I would upgrade the motherboard to an ASUS Saberooth 990FX or an Asus crosshair V Formula Z so you you can overclock that CPU to it's fullest capability.  You will be unlocking some potential performance.

Overclocking can make your CPU get hotter so get a really good cooler.  I would recommend a Noctua NH D14 for air cooling.  A corsair H100i or a cooler master Glacer 240 for watercooling or maybe even invest in a custom water loop. 

RAM is Fine.

Storage is fine but getting another SSD will be good.

Power supply is great!  Alot of wattage and reliable, Definitely Re use.  

Definitely change your graphics card.  R9 290 cards are all very over priced at the moments due to price gouging by retailers.  So if you want to go nuts get an AMD GTX 780 or a GTX 770. Both are good cards.

Definitely get a new case.  Just to make this computer look better and breath better.  Maybe something like an NZXT source 810, Corsair Air 540, NZXT H440, Corsair C70, Cooler Master Haf X, Fractal Design Arc midi or define R4. Whatever you would think looks nice on your desk.  


The first thing I would do is ditch that motherboard. It is pretty shitty. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't giving that CPU enough power and strangling it hurting performance. 

M5A99FX Pro, Evo whatever they are great boards that aren't expensive or you can go all out and get a Sabertooth or a Crosshair.

Get an H100i, Kraken X60, or Noctua NH D14 and OC the CPU. 

Your RAM is fine.

Get a different case. Source 210 Elite, Fractal Core 3000 or Fractal Define R4.

As for the GPU, the R9 cards are very expensive but prices are coming down now. The GTX 770 and 780 are good options. As is the R9 280X if you can find one at a decent price. 

I wouldn't call the M5a97 Shitty,  I have my FX 6300 overclocked to 4.5 on it and it runs just fine.  I would just say it's not really good for eight cores.  

Also Fractal Core 3000 is mATX.  Wouldn't recommend mATX on am3+ 

the le one is, you can fry up the board pretty easily since the power regulators don't have any cooling on them

Yeah, the crap heatsinks get so hot on this board... I do have fans on them... I can post a picture in a sec

I've been thinking on a new case, but when I find one I like I see +120$ to your bill... I don't want to spend money on a case you know?
Yeah my current case is a Tank, its made out of thick steal, but it doesn't breathe! I think I might mod it, I love being able to do anything with this case, I have it mounded on a furniture dolly, which I can ride my case :3

The LE version is no good. No heatsinks on those VRMs and a poor power phase design. 

No the FD Core 3000 is an ATX Mid Tower case. That doesn't mean it can't fit an ATX motherboard it just means it is a bit shorter than a full tower ATX case like say the Fractal Design Define XL. It fits mITX, mATX and full size ATX motherboards and yes there are no good mATX AM3+ motherboards. That is why I recommended an ATX board and cases that will fit it.

Oh woops, I was thinking about the Core 1000.

Hehe my bad.  

Face palm, i ment TINY budget... Lol will edit, thanks for the correction