Need help on new CPU

Hi guys,

Looking for a new CPU lately because Ive been running into quite a few bottlenecks. First off here is my rig:

AMD Phenom II 2.6ghz


Ive been looking at the 8350 but thought I would come here first for some advice. Has anyone got any suggestions for a processor in  the £100-£200 (USD $166-$332 or EURO 119-239) range that would not bottleneck my gpu and would generally be good. Also I don't think I can afford intel and wont be overclocking for a while since I am slowly upgrading a "hand me down" home PC with below average cooling.

Thanks in advance.


If you want under £200 then you can buy the cooler later :

Else you can go for a 8350 and a better cooler.

That looks like a good build thank you. Slightly over budget but not anything I couldn't stretch to

you could also go with an FX8320 or FX8350 with Asus M5A97 evo R2.0 mobo