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Need help on how to host a website (or a good service to host it for me)


  1. Needs to have chat function.
  2. Needs to have some sort of forum section.
  3. Id like it to be $8/Month or less.
  4. Id like it to have individual user profile pages, but thats still not necessary .


 Now im gonna come out and say, i am NOT good with HTML or CSS coding,  i can follow tutoriels if you link me, and i have Adobe dreamweaver because i got it when i got the master collection. but for start the most i will be doing is just using templates, or even a fairly blank site homepage, with links to the forums and the chat.



Ive seen AJAX chats, but idk if that would be good for me

Maybe a CMS like Joomla might be interesting to look into as it has multiple chat and forum extention options.

what dose that do? just turn the computer into a server?

For that low of a budget, which is reasonable for starting out. I recomend Hostgator for hosting. MediaTemple, if you are willing to spend a little more.

There are several options for a community style site, which appears what you are trying to do. One of which I have several licenses for but, is way out of budget for what you are looking for. In order to operate from one admin area and have the feature you are looking for, I would take a look at worpress from and look into extending with buddypress from If the site starts to expand and you want to extend functionality even further and spend a few more dollars you can take a look at for more themes and plug-ins.


Got your PM. (I didn't even realize the forum had that function, I turned it off just now)

What is it that you think you might need help with? If this is your first time wanting to tackle a web project there are numerous walk throughs I can link you to in order to get started. It would save a whole lot of time and explaining. You will need to learn how to follow written instructions anyways if you want to dive into something like this anyhow.

i think i got everything going :)

That's good, got a link to share what you've got going on?

This book is really good. I am new to linux, and it spelled everything out for me.

Also, if you need a backup, or something to host your site, or something FREE, if you ever move out of your current home where the web server is, this free host is good, but I think u have to log in at least once a month, and you have to use there name for your URL, but you can create your own name, like here it is:

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Sorry, didnt see this was nerco’d


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