Need help on gaming pc build

I am debating on getting 1 of 2 builds.  One is intel and the other is AMD.  My budget is $1000 a little bit over is fine and i will be playing games like minecraft, dayz, arma etc...  And I will be video editing.  Here are my two options...



Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, thank you:)


Here is an i7 with much more grunt and quality ... I kinda skimped on the PSU ... only cause it isn't pretty

The 2400Mhz will not improve performance at all in gaming it has very high Cas Latency of 11 and is 1.65v ... 1.5v Ram is required for the new Haswell refresh CPU and mobos Or have possible warranty and instability issues

And you want low CL9 2x4GB DDR3 1866Mhz 1.5v ram & I have checked and this ram meets the manufacturer's QVL approval chart.  so 100% compatible with CPU and Mobo.

the 4790K is on sale and cheaper than the 4770k ... 


and the AMD on steroids for about the same cost

And the Corsair Spec three comes with 3 fans installed and and supports four more has excellent air flow for a budget case

Well, all the games you've listed prefer Intel's better single core performance.

I assume you're going to be overclocking...?

This would be far more powerful than any of your builds:

i7-4790K - Haswell refresh for better overclocking capability

Hyper 212 for cooling - budget cooler that can still give you some good thermal headroom.  Consider a beefier cooler, like the Noctua NH-D14 if you want to get into large overclocks.

Z97 Pro4.  6 power phases should give you pretty good overclocking capability at a board that's relatively low in price.

RAM: Slower clocked at 2133, but has only CL10 compared to CL11 in your 2400 kit.  Cheaper, too.

Storage is the same setup, but the Adata XPG SX900 is a great drive as well for a cheaper price.

R9 290.  After it's price drop, it's a killer deal.  4GB of VRAM will be helpful in editing(if your program can utilize OpenCL acceleration), and the 512 bit memory interface width will allow for more optimal usage of that high amount of VRAM for some editing/rendering applications.

200R is a budget case, but should fit everything with good enough airflow.

600w power supply.  It's no seasonic, but it'll do.

Windows 8.1 provides some performance boost in games.  It's also much cheaper than windows 7 pro.

damn qurl ya edit yer post to much

The thing I don't like about that case is that it's incompatible with the majority of 120mm CPU coolers.

He's also video editing so faster ram can help.

me too ... needs a mod bump out ...  for the tall stacks     imo 

and what would really help editing is twice as much ram