Need Help on Buying The Best Gaming Headset

I'm really having a hard time on choosing what gaming headset I'm gonna buy I want them for gaming on my PC and PS3 and also listing to music on my PC and I have my eyes on The Astro A40 and A50 and I really need your opinions guys

which is better?

is there a better headsets than those two?

and I really don't care about the price tag as long it don't go above 350$ 

For your price limit, I'd say that the A40 is a pretty damn good headset... as far as gaming headsets go. I'd recommend getting the mixamp too. it's what (imo) makes the A40 good. I don't even personally own this headset, but my good mate does and swears by it. i've had a good listen through them too and they are pretty good.

I try to stay clear of 'gaming headsets' because generally the audio quality is pretty crap, but if you are also wanting to play games, especially FPS games, then the dolby headphone can be really good for positional hearing, or whatever its called. 

Don't use headsets so cannot say which is better between those two. Hope this helps :)