Need help on build!

So recently i built a nice 500 dollar pc for my dad it works great, but now im trying to build a gaming/editing pc for myself, ill have to be able to run, all high end games, and mostly sony vegas, adobe cs6 and elements 11, also im going to start studying game design, so most likely going to need to support some sort of 3d modeling program. what do you guys sugges on parts, im mostly stuck on which cpu, intel or amd, also on gpu's, getting the rest is not that hard for me thanks but if you guys an give me a full build that be awesome, oh btw my budget is $1200!

I presume, you might be american. So, the PC Rigs, Logan has setted up, are pretty much a good line to follow. Although, the PSU are oversized, will the MB and the Case is pretty much undersized, but yeah, my opinion.

So, you will use a lot editing programms, you should build in 16 GB Ram and decide between a AMD FX-8350, which was figured out, makes an awesome job. Or you should go with an Intel Xeon E3-1230v2, which is an i7, without the graphic unit. Or you just go on with an i7. So you would get the max performance out of your PC for Render and so on. In terms of gaming, a true 4 Core and a solid 300 bucks card is pretty much everything, you need. So, if your are aming higher, you do not need to have any doubts.

For me, the i5 3450 is more then enough to render and make videos, as im render my clips trough Vdub, then using a Framesever to feed MeGUI. And this doesn't take so much time. I mean, everything more then that, is pure luxury. c:


i was thinking i5 but i bought a fx 8350 it does the stuff also 

so if u have budget fr i5 go for it 

if not fx 8350 does the job too :)


ok thanks a lot guys for your opionions, i just had in mind that intel is much better for video editing since, video editing is mainly cpu power( i think) so ill be looking at prices and see which to go with intel or amd, my local micro center is having a good sale on intel i7 3770k for $229 and discount on campatible motherboards, same with the fx 8350 black edition for $180 and discount mobo to so ill be looking but once again thanks helped a lot!