Need help on a new pc build

hello I am going to be building a gaming pc with a budget of $700. How should i get this build under $700 and it all the parts need to be bought at memory express. I want to have a build that will be able to play bf3 borderlands 2. I want to have the psu and case reusable for my next pc build.

Yep that looks good.

That is a nice build, may we recomend a few better parts for similar or less money.

The gtx660 is great but for that price the HD7870 is better, same price but the performance is far higher.

THe CX series is just not worth it, especially at $73. This : Is far better, 5 year warranty, a solid monster performer that will move with whatever system you decide to build in the future.

well. You can price match everything at memoryexpress, so it would be less then 700 most likely then. (Just do the math using ). Just remember to use the part number to double check everything (thats what they use and they will only price match if the numbers are the exact same. Example: Part #: RR-212E-20PK-R2).

Also, ditch the GTX660, for a 7850 (or a 7870 if you can afford it after the price matching). About the same performance, and alot cheaper.

I think the 7870 is a bit better but i want to be able to play borderlands 2 and i hear that physx is used alot is borderlands 2 and i like memory express for their price beat

you can use Physx without a Nvidia GPU...

That moves it to another GPU (if you have XFire), or the CPU which is pretty hard on it. I wouldnt buy the card for Physx on borderlands. There will be a new flavour of the week in a while, it plays borderlands really good, and when something else thats awesome comes out you are going to be happy you have the extra horsepower.

actually i play borderlands 2 on highest settingswith physx on medium, using a FX-6300 overclocked to 4.5ghz along with a 7870, never had fps drop below 30 and is therer any way i can make this build under $700

go to a rosewill green/lightning (rebranded superflower) or seasonic for your PSU

and you can look into a cheaper case, the ThermalTake V3 is quite nice

You do lose like 15FPS sometimes more when enabling Physx though. Definetly playable. A gtx560 gets similar FPS with Physx enabled as the 7870. Thats with physx on high I should add. Im mostly just saying that yes its possible, its mostly pointless because physx doesnt add that much in my personal opinion. I played around with it, and its there but... its just... there. Also you've got a 25% speed increase on your cpu, so if he doesnt OC its possible the physx would lag a core on the cpu. And depending on how the game utilizes the cores, could be more trouble then its worth. 

I would say go for better performance now, hope it works out with the Physx on the cpu, but I wouldnt buy with the intent that will work out.


XFX 650 for $60 canadian, that is aobut $13 cheaper for a far better power supply then that CX series from corsair.

Switch to this psu

This case

Money saved.

XFX Power Supplies are Rebranded Seasonic power supplies

getting a seasonic PSU directly would be cheaper, and the exact same thing (except the label and the box)

I could not find a 650watt Seasonic for $60 on the site, if you did find one please link me so i can edit my post about the XFX 650.

Its not cheaper, just checked. XFX, Corsair, Seasonic all go through stages with sales and drops in prices. A 650W seasonic is also only available as a modular psu (most likely semi modular)

Price isnt even close. The reason we recommend a XFX is because its a seasonic inside.

i was wrong, the seasonic PSUs are not the same

they sale their gold line under their own name, while they sale their other PSUs through various other companies

the XFX 650 is cheaper

im not allowed to buy anything online so i need to be able to get it at memory express or some other retail store in calgary. so i cant get the xfxf powersupply    how is this.

The XFX 650 is in a Canada retailer called NCIX :

Can you check to see if any of those locations are near you or can you reach them by car?