Need help on a motherboard

Hi everyone. This is my build so far

I cant decide on a motherboard though for around $100-$150

I live in Australia so prices are more expansive



I was about to recommend the same board.

For the price, you can't go wrong with the ASUS MOBO.

$100 for 8GB of RAM sure does suck. Damn GST.

you can get a decent 8GB set for ~$80..

Could you please give me a link to it?

those aussie prices are rediculous high, i think one of those asus Z87 boards would be your best bet. for that budget, but its a m-atx board.

anyway your psu 750W is a way overkill, for  a single gpu setup, 550W/650W would be more then enough.

If I were you I would import it from the states, you don't pay duties on your imports if they are under 1K AUD.

Is a m-atx board good enough or should i try to get an atx?

for normal use it would be good enough, but inside a atx case it looks a bit poor inside, and ofc  it hass less feutures. but it will still do the job, you only need to look which feutures it has, and if those are good enough for you, thats personal.

Ok what about the ASUS Z87-C Motherboard for slightly more but i changed the power supply down to 600W so i have a bit more to spend

i think the Asus Z87-C is a good choice ☺only this board does not support sli setups, only CF but this board is not realy made for multiple gpu setups. But with a single gpu setup, it doesnt matter at all.