Need help on a $750 gaming pc

how is this build any improvements

I'd swap out that GPU for a 7870 Tahiti LE. Cheaper, and faster, being that it is a trimmed down 7950.


my reccomendation to a build simmilar to this

I would wait until you have enough money for a 8350 but a phenom will do just fine until then


Hope it helped!

i dont want a radeon hd graphics card

Lol i would just go with a 660 then.

Why would you not want a radion graphics card they are just better for the money they just are and when your on a budget under $1000 then there no point in getting the lowerend nvidia cards 

the whole geforce experience and i want adaptve vsync and pysx and i just like nvidia better


Those technologies aren't worth the rather large performance hit in addition to a hefty cost premium in comparison. Also, that savings could allow for a better CPU as well, which would further increase overall performance. Adaptive V-sync is really only good if you're can't stay on one side of 60FPS because you have you frequent large frame drops such as from 70 to 40 (I've never had that issue with my 5830), and if your GPU does that on any decently coded game, you need to throw that thing out. PhysX boils down to extra particles drawn on screen, which may or may not make the game more immersive. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe certain games also support PhysX for Radeon cards; Metro 2033 requires a PhysX installation regardless of chip manufacturer.

About the only nVidia exclusive technology worth while is CUDA, but only for editing programs that don't support OpenCL. However, as OpenCL is adopted more, the less relevant CUDA becomes, as OpenCL is compatible with more cards. Arguably 3D Vision, but you'd need a heck of a GPU to get a decent experience out of that as you'd need to render 120FPS.

As mentioned before, if you're on a budget, there isn't much point of getting Nvidia cards as Radeon cards typically perform better and are cheaper.

If you want the nvidia card, your money (and loss), but you can get much better performance from going Radeon, and investing some of that savings into a better CPU (FX-8320?)

well my moniter only has 60fps wont i have screen tearing if my amd card outputs 80fps

That's what v-sync is for. Syncs the frame-rate to your monitors refresh rate. If the card renders near 60FPS, but can't keep it consistently, turn off v-sync. Tearing is not very noticeable when the frame rate is only slightly above the refresh. If you're at 65 FPS, only 5 of those have the potential to tear out of 60 displayed on the monitor in a 1 second interval.

Just to straighten things out, V-sync is available for just about any game on any GPU (including integrated, though not much point). Adaptive V-sync from NVidia, basically monitors your frame rate and turns V-sync on and off on the fly in game.

As far as I know, there aren't many games the regular 7870 can't handle on max settings. The 7870 Tahiti LE is faster, so you shouldn't need to turn off v-sync in most games. Plus the Tahiti LE chips features boost, so if does start to slack, it can dynamically OC if it has the thermal headroom.

670 4GB

680 2GB

670 2GB

7970 3GB

The 7970 will give you better gaming performance and big resolutions BTW, but it's your call

If you're sure you can do the rebates, you can just add stuff to the build/s that's not over your $750 budget

These builds are seriously hilarious lol!

Why so?