Need help, no signal from newly built system?

Hey, tek, I've been gathering the courage to build myself a computer, and I thought I had it figured out. But I've just finished putting all the parts I ordered, and I'm getting no signal to the monitor. I've used both an HDMI cable and a standard VGA one, and neither give signal in their respective modes. I'm not using a video card, just using the standard that comes with my motherboard. Everything is connected properly, I've checked several times.

I'm running an AMD A4 5300 CPU, and an MSI FM2 A55M E33.
4GB Kingtson Hyper X Blu 1600 ram. I'm also using an old hard drive
from my old computer. Everything powers on, I'm just not getting
a signal.

My monitor is 720p, if that helps.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Some of the things i would check out, is the ram seated properly? One thing that usually works is by taking the ram modules out and putting them back in. Try that first

Thanks for the reply! I just took the stick out and put it back in, no luck.


try a different DIMM then

I only have one stick. I tried the other slot, though. No luck.

try a different monitor?

Tried using a different monitor, it gets no signal either. :/

Aderiss did you plug in the motherboard 4-8 pin connector into your motherboard?

Yessir, I did.

Did you happen to install a fresh copy of windows on your old hard drive? Can you unplug your hard drive from your system and see if you can get into BIOS?

I installed the latest Ubuntu. I just tried booting without the hard drive, still no signal. :|

Is the monitor you are using an brand new monitor? or a used one from a previous system? If it is new do you have a old monitor you can use?

The one I was using was from last year, it was just working on my old system. I'm currently using an old HP monitor that came with the old system. It only has VGA, so I'm using that.

Is the system inside the case? Are you willing to try a few things that are a bit odd and see if they are causing you issues? Like removing the I/O shield and using only 20 pins out of the 24 pin motherboard connector.

The case has been open as I try to fiddle around with it. I'll try using 20 pins. Also, should my PSU be at 115 or 230? It's on 230 right now, because if I use 115, it turns off after a few seconds.

edit* Using 20 pins yields no signal.

Depends where you live, what country do you reside?

USA. Oklahoma, to be exact.

Then 115, the power supply turning of after a few seconds is a bad sign. Turn off the system, power off the PSU in the back(the switch) unplug it from the wall put it on 115v and plug it back in and turn the switch on in the back. America is all 115 unless your wall outlet was changed.

I did what you told me and yeah, it just shuts down after a second or two. The fans sound quieter and weak compared to when it's on 230. It also doesn't shut down on 230.

You wouldn't happen to have a spare PSU around by any chance?