Need Help: No bios or post video showing

So about a week ago I noticed that something smelled like burning plastic coming from my computer when I turned it on. I went and took everything apart and discovered it was my GPU. So I had another HD 4850 laying around so I used this to check to see if this was the problem. Sure enough everything worked. Today I wanted to fix my GPU so I have ordered a Zotac GTX 560 and tried this today but no video is showing up. I have took everything off but just the PCI connector, PCI-E Graphics cards connector, the main power connector for the motherboard and just one stick of ram. Everything else is unplugged but I'm still not able to boot up anything. No Picture or Bios at all! I have took out the motherboard checked and don't see any burnt places, no blown or expanded capacitors or resistors. I even tried switching the PSU, GPU, and Ram with different sticks.  I am at a loss and need help please! 



My System Specs:

i7 920 Bloomfield 2.66GHz

Asus P6T SE x58 Motherboard

120gb kingston Sata 3 SSD

750 Watt Thermaltake Tough Power PSU

Zotac GTX 560 1GBDDR5

(3x2gb) G-Skill 1333 Ram CL: 9

Aftermarket Dynatron LGA 1366 Heatsink/CPU cooler (loud as hell)


Thinking it may just be my mother board going out and I have been thinking of upgrading so I'm not sure whether to fix it or sell the parts and upgrade. All input would be greatly appreciated!





Does this new GPU work in another machine? Could be DOA. Other than that could very well be the MB, PSU.

Make sure you have the ram in the correct slots for the given channel mode - triple, double or single. Refer to the manual or online.