NEED HELP: Modmic 4 repair - I think I brokeded it, Vegeta

So, I was sleeving the cables for my new-ish Sennheiser 558s and ModMic 4. With a pretty okay level of experience in soldering and electronics in general, I figured I would just snip the ends off the cables, sleeve 'em, and solder them back together. Everything went great - Headphone are working perfectly! - until I plugged in the mic. No input whatsoever. I've tried every which way I could think of based on every logical approach to solder the two pieces of cable together again.

My latest approach has been to assume the copper outside (along with the [maybe cotton?] material shielding) is all shielding while the inner core (pictured) is a single wire (or finely stranded and wound) clear coated.

I could be totally wrong. I could be on the right track. Either way, I'm not getting anything but noise when I try to plug in the mic and listen to it. To be terribly honest, I'm at the point now to just being angry that I went and cut my $40 microphone and can't seem to fix it and throwing it against the wall.

So, obviously, I could really use some guidance. Treat me like a total noob, because in the context of ripping apart and repairing microphones (and most headphones), I am.

Thanks in advance, guys. I really appreciate any help you can give.


You should have at least 2 wire and you should have 3 wires depending on the design. 1 wire is going to be ground, another is going to be positive, and the third is negative.

You might need to do a bit of digging to find all 3.

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