Need help making a pc!

Hey I need help making a pc. I live in Australia so it has to be from this website.

my budget is $1700 im hoping for a GTX 970 I want the phantom 530 case and try to get an i7. you can go over the budget a little if needed. Ty if you help me!

Would you be willing to switch from a 970 to an r9 290x? The 290x offers full 4gb and a higher memory bit bus which is ideal for high resolution and/ or multi monitor gaming. Also it can be found for the same price if not less.


no im not sorry

Well then here you go that is personally what I would pick with $1700. Also if you spent less on a few parts you may be able to fit a 980 into the build.

or wait for the R9 300 series with it's INSANE memory bus and compute perf.