Need help installing Linux on lenovo laptop

I tried creating a live boot USB using Roofus of Linux Fedora 28 for a partition I made so I can dual boot windows and linux

I made sure to disable secure boot and put the USB boot drive as first on the priority boot drive list

But when ever I hit f12 and select usb

boot drive I keep on booting into windows

If I can any help it would be greatly appreciated

Laptop specs

Lenovo v31-

i3 6006u @ 2.2 ghz

4gig ddr 4 - 2133mhz

500gig Western digital hard drive

maybe its not finding an OS or boot info and skipping your linux install media.

id check that boot records and such are inline

How will I be able to do that, I don’t really know that much when it comes to the bios and boot, I’ve done this before several time install Linux but this is the first time I’ve had just plain not pic up the boot os

Make sure this is unchecked in power options as it can interfere with dual-booting

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Try Fedora 29, Go into your BIOS and select secure boot off, or boot other OS if that is available. Then boot from USB if needed.