Need help installing Kubuntu

Hello, I recently decided to make the jump to Linux after acquiring my new Samsung 850 EVO 1TB. I managed to install Ubuntu Gnome with relatively little problems. After a while I realized that my G502 mouse was stuck on its CSGO profile from when I last used Windows. So i installed Windows 8 and changed the profile and thought everything was dandy. (Mind you I decided to format the whole drive when installing Windows) I decided to do some more research to check things out and I stumbled across kubuntu, I really liked the aesthetic and how it looked and behaved and wanted to use that instead of Gnome. So I prepped a 8GB Sandisk USB with Unetbootin and put Kubuntu on it. Then when I tried to boot into it shit started to hit the fan, firstly I was greeted with a Grub menu giving me the options of

Start Kubuntu
Oem Install (For Manufacturers)
Check Disk for errors ( or something like that)

So I selected the Start Kubuntu option and say it flash a bit of text, around three lines, then the screen went black, then it would show a black screen with thin purple line along the left side of the screen with the following text, Over here. Following this I thought maybe some files never got deleted or something or maybe my ssd needs a nice refresh. So I decided to wipe my whole drive with Samsung's secure erase. It worked, to say the least, and then I put my USB into my computer and hit F11 in order to hit the boot order picked the UEFI version since the legacy does not do anything, it will just say to put a boot device and restart, and I got the same grub screen and when I hit the Start Kubuntu option, I was presented with the same issue. Mind you when I tried installing Ubuntu Gnome that never occurred, I was taken to the splash screen and installed. Also here are a list of my specs:

Intel Core i7 4790k (not oc)
MSI Mpower MAX Z87 (which I have had issues with before and am getting RMA'd currently)
GTX 980 
8GB of DDR3 at 1330 Mhz (If I'm not mistaken)
700 Watt Power Supply
Samsung 850 EVO

Could the issue be linked with just my specs or is it Kubuntu? I have redownloaded the iso many times thinking the iso was corrupt but the issue persisted. Could anyone recommend a distro where I could switch DE's? Would Arch be a good option for a beginner like me?

Thank you guys for all the help, I have learned many things while on this forum and I hope to keep learning.

Hi you might try the "nomodeset" mode from the grub menu to prevent the graphics driver from loading
after which if you boot you could upgrade the GPU drivers.

Just press 'e' when you hit grub, then add 'nomodeset' after 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX='

this link should help and applies to Kubuntu also

I will be sure to give it a try. Thanks for the response!

OK, the first time I tried it I got to the kubuntu splash screen ( progress!) But then it froze or maybe I got inpatient... The logo glowed for a bit but then it stopped glowing. I was able to switch the dpi levels of my mouse but the number lock light did not show when I clicked it. I will retry and see if I can boot