Need Help. Good Gaming Computer For Price?

Hey. I need help to find out if these are good specs for a computer that's going to be used for gaming/rendering videos... Games.. Such as Minecraft.. Have a few things maxed out on there.

The specs are here.  


My budget is $750 if you have any suggestions.. anything I should change.. please help. Thank you  

Not a bad build, you are off to a good start. You said one of you main focuses would be rendering? In that case I would suggest getting an FX 6300 as it has 6 threads and overall better performance compared to the 945 BE. You can pick it up for around $150 US. Also I would suggest that you get at least 500W PSu as the 6300 can draw alot of power when overclocked, which brings me onto another question, where is you heatsink? I suguest you invest in a heatsink ( if not when you put the PC together at least afterwards) as it will alow you to ovcerclock your cpu to a much higher level than with the stock heatsink, and hence acheive better performance .A good choice on a budget is a Coolermaster hyper 212 Evo. All these changes would bring you rig closer to the $800 mark than your intended $750 though, so be wary of that. If you want to stick with the 945 BE( which will help keep the cost down) I sugest at least purcasing a wigher wattage PSU and investing in a heatsink for overclocking purposes.

Hope my advice is helpfull to you, and good luck with yor PC!

One or two things should be considered Sytec, that mushkin 2133 ram is really really fast. Rendering i have no clue if that fast of memory helps but in gaming, i noticed no difference from 1333 to 1866. 8Gb mushkin ddr3-1600 is about 25$ less and honestly it should be plenty for gaming.

I adore Antec PSU but that 400watt will poop the bed as soon as you put a serious strain on it, the 30amp 12v rail just does not smell of roses. If you want that low of a 12v rail the CX430v2 from corsair gives it and at a much lower price point. Rosewill Capstone 450 is about $60 Gold rated, 37 amp 12v rail 5 year warranty, its a steal of a deal!

If i remenber correctly the factory heatsinks on the phenom II were louder then all heck, performed very well even in slight overclocks but incredibly loud. A investment in a Hyper 212 EVO would be recomended, much quieter with more overclocking head room if you so wish to go that route.

Agreed, a Better PSU is highly recomended, I would go witha 500-550W as those types of PSU's tend to have multiple 6 pin connectors for video cards. You do not want to be caught shord in the PSU department when you upgrade your card, I lernt that mistake with my 7950 and coolermaster GX-450. I was simply drawing to much power and was forced to do an upgrade. Get a good one from the start incase you decide to upgrade later. Anything by corsair, seasonic(XFX & OCZ), or antec. And modular a modular PSu is helpfull, but you can save a few vital bucks is you can do without.

Gahh sorry I didn't mention that this is my VERY first build :x
Me no understand much haha.
If you can try to chop it down into kindergarden language for me that'd be helpful :P
Uhmm yeah I have a tight budget of 750 Maybee $760 US at most.. 
If I knew what you guys meant it looks like you guys would be a lot of help.. thank you! 



Okay, I changed up the PowerSupply, That was all I understood in that. But is that better? 

Yes, a higher Wattage PSU is a good idea, but I would not recomend that one. You should at least get a power supply that is 80+. This is an industry standard rating system that measures the effiency of a particular power supply. The lowest award is bronze, which means that it has a minimum effiency of 80% at load. There are also silver(85%), gold(89%), and platimum(92%) awards as well. What this means is that the power supply converts the energy is draws from the wall into a usable wattage with an effiency of 80% or above. For example if the power supply is drawing 100W of power from the wall it will output 80W if it has an efficiency of 80%. A power supply with a high effiency is good, because it can save you money on electricity as it uses less power. To acheive this effiency in a power supply, it must be made from good quality parts, meaning the higher the rating, the better quality the power supply. The power supply you have chosen although having a higher wattage, does not have this 80+ rating, meaning it is a lower quality PSU. Since the power supply is what is "feeding" your computer you want to give it the best and most stable power you can. These lower quality power supplys tend to deliver unstable power, which could potentially damage your components, hence you want a good quality (and hence 80+) power supply.

I would recomend this power supply as it has the 80+ bronze rating( and hence is good quality), and has the wattage you need.


The next topic is the heatsink. Your Phenom 945 BE is what is known as an "unlocked processor", hence the "black edition" designation. What this means essentially is it can be "overclocked" to run faster than its normal stock speeds. There are two factors that influance the speed of a processor, the FSB(front side bus) speed, which is also known as the blck, and the core ratio. The 945 BE runs at a stock speed of 3Ghz or 3000Mhz. This speed is generated from a certain FSB freequency, combined with a core multiplyer. For example a FSB of 100Mhz combined with a core ratio of 30, will combine to produce an overall speed 3000Mz or 3.0Ghz (100Mhz x 30). With normal processors only the FSB speed can be changed, and usually not by much. This leads to lower overclocks as the core ratio is "locked" and cannot be changed. The 945 BE is "unlocked" meaning this ratio can be changed to acheive better overall speeds. For example 100Mhz x 40 will give a speed of 4.0 Ghz, which is significantly better than the stock speed of 3.0 Ghz. To acheive this higher speed however, more voltage needs to be applied to the processor in order to keep it stable, and running properly. This increaced voltage generates more heat meaning the processor will heat up as a higher overclock is applied. Most processors begin to physicially melt at temperatures of 90-100 Degrees celcius ( thats 194-212 farenheight). A melted precessor is good to no one. Hence the potential overclock you can achieve is highly dependant on the heatsink you are using to disipate the heat from said processor. This is why some people go to the extremes and use liquid cooling or even liquid nitrogen to acheive better overclocks. The simple fact is that with the stock AMD heatsink, you wont be able to acheive very good overclocks as it is only designed to cool the processor at its stock speeds. You will find that when you start to overclock the processor with this heatsink, you will run into wall very quickly where the heatsink just cannot cope with the amount of heat being output by the processor. The cpu will get extremely hot, and be forced to slow itslef down (which is called throttling) in order to prevent damage. If you buy a better heatsink, it will be able to more effectively dissipate the heat of the processor, which means you can acheive a higher overclock, and hence better performance.

You obviously do not have the budget for a water cooled system, so I would recomend this heatsink to you. It is very good cooler for the price I would also watch the video as it is quite helpful.


I hope this information is useful to you, it can be quite daunting when you are getting into the PC world for the first time. If there is anything you do not quite understand, or need clarification on, please do not hesitate to ask. Myslef and fellow members of the teksynidacate formus are more than willing to guide you through every stage of process if need be.

I can offer no help to this build, but I will say this: Your post is a huge wall of text and is terrifying to even myself.

Wait, I DO have something to add to this. DO NOT GET WINDOWS 8! Go with Windows 7! Windows 8 is a shit on the head of society and should be treated as such.

Windows 7 to 8 and be a big jump, it comes down to personal preference really, I would go with 8 though, because it will have a longer customer support cycle, and you can make it exactly like 7 with the addition of the start menu gadget.

As for the "wall of text" I agree it is rather heavy, but some some concepts must be conveyed with detail. Its much more useful, particularly to beginers, to explain your reasoning behind decisons rather than just "get this" one with no questions asked.

I had another brainwave with the case as well. You can get much better value with a corsair carbide 200r, and its only $49 on newegg right now.

And here is a really helpful video review:


Alrighty is this okay? 

Wit the motherboard you chose, you're better off going with two sticks of memory (you have 1 stick of 8GB) Check this out:  it is around the same price point.

Also, the drive you chose is pretty slow, you should get atlesat 7200RPM if it is going to be your only drive. Look at this one:

Also, AMD cards are going for really good prices right now, for the price of that 660 you get 7870. Like this:

Hope I helped!

Its a nice build, but im concerned about the motherboard. The new amd fx cpu's (4300,6300,8320,8350) require a bios apdate in order to run on older boards. If you get that board im not sure that it will work on your 6300 without the update. This was not a problem for the 945 BE as that was an older chip. You see this MB was designeed to run with the first gen fx chips(4100,6100,8120,8150). The only way to update is boot into the system with an older chip, then install it, unless it comes with an updated bios then it wont be a problem. If you want this board you will have to take a bit of a gamble that it has the update.

My suggestion is to get a board that comes with the update alreday boards like this usualy have a R2.0 designation meaning they have the update.

For example

And I still think you should get a better case than the one you have selected, you will apreciate a good case when it comes time to assemble your pc.

This mabye? or are you into the ones with lights and stuff?


For thee uhm.. Case I chose the one I have because... I just like the style/blue to it.. But if you think I should get it.. Sure, Think you can set up a build on pcpart.. thing & show me what you come up with please. 

Ok here we go:

any complaints?



No complaints there.. Can you tell me.. Will it do great in the "Gaming/Renderring" area?

I havent had much personal experience with it, but from reading benchmarks and reviews its decent, not spectacular, but it is only a $90 cpu. If you want to get better performance you either need to go with a 6300 or higher, or get an i5 or i7, and those options are out of your price range. You could get the 6300 but you would have to sacrafice in other areas. 

here is a build with a 6300, with some minor changes to keep costs down

There is no heatsink on the list so you will have to use the stock one that comes with the cpu. You could always buy one later if you wanted to overclcock

What do you think about the case?


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