Need Help getting Stable OC

First off I'm a novice at overclocking. Ive recently built a gaming rig with a 3570k i5 paired with the AsRock Extreme 4 Motherboard. My goal is to reach 4.5ghz and be stable with a safe voltage. I have it running at 4.3ghz atm at about 1.18v or so if memory serves and it runs at about 64-71 celcius when running Prime95. I've been trying to get it to 4.5ghz and ive only managed it once but it quickly hit 90c when running prime95 i believe due to the voltage so i tried to figure out how to lower it but in return got alot of BSOD. The Processor/Mobo combo seems pretty popular, Im hoping someone can help me get a stable 4.5ghz OC. Thanks in advance!

Edit: CPU Cooler is the Corsair H100i


What cooler do you have?

What cooler do you have?

Corsair H100i, Sorry should have mentioned.

Anyone out there that can help?

i dont do overlocking, all i can suggest is google searchs for guides of extra bits of info.

there are plenty of folks around here who do overclocking but they are probably busy playing in bios :P

Alright so i have it at 4.5ghz atm. Do you know what a safe voltage is for the processor? Right now im trying to get it stable with no errors in Prime95 and decent temps.

I give up, Cant get it stable without some better help xP videos are alright but im not happy with the voltages they make me run aswell as the temps hitting over 80c. Im just going back to 4.2ghz i guess. Perfectly stable at 1.136v and temps at high of 71c in Prime95