NEED HELP Gaming Rig 1300$

Hello tek!

I have posted here previously, asking for help which was greatly appreciated, although I had to lower my budget to 1300$ This is the new build:

Because of shipping (145$) I have to lower the price, any suggestions ?



Gigabyte ud3 mobo

Different case fuk dat thing. Get a corsair 300r or sum shet.

Rest seems cool! Too lazy to look more into it.

i found this.

is there a reason for you to go with a nvidia gpu?

grtz Angel

Well, thats amazing :D The thing was that I live in a remote part of Australia and wanted to get everything from one provider for cheaper shipping. Everything seems amazing, but the RAM, why did you change it ? I think I chose Nvidia because Ive never had problems with it and because of the provided being PCCaseGear, now that you found he Radeon, I will definately go with it. With the motherboard change, Will this be a future proof motherboard? because Ill be planning on upgrading more than likely...


well about the ramm i dont know why i chanced , i just  tought they look nicer haha.but ofc those corsairs you selected are perfect.

The motherboard  you chosed is also a good motherboard ofc.  Both come with 8+2 power phase design so for ofc both will be good.both same priced. it was just an impuls select. cause the australian partpicker list dont give much choices only the Asrock 990FX extreme4 and this Gigabyte board, both same prices both good.

its just whats the most easy to get,  both boards are future proof.

why i chosed for the HD7970 it just beats the GTX670 and 680 in gaming.