Need help Gaming PC around $900 AUD

Hello i am fairly new to this so bear with me, i am looking to build my own PC with a price range of about $900 AUD. (< Australia dollar.) That is excluding the peripherals as i already have them. And this PC is mostly going to be used for gaming and will be looking to play BF4 on max graphic settings and some other games. So yeah, that pretty much raps it up and again thank you to anyone that helps me with this. i am newb.

You will not run BF4 on max graphics at 60+ fps without anything like a R9 290 or gtx 780 at 1920x1080.

You can run it looking pretty damn good at 60 fps with a gtx 760 or 770 graphics card by turning down some settings like HBAO (shadow smoothing) and antialiasing.

I left you the option to pick a case that you'd prefer (mostly asthetics) just remove the two cases you don't like and link it in the next post. The major differences is that the fractal design is a bit more expensive but comes with fan control and 3 fans taking care of cooling while the others comes with 1 fan and well.. no fan control x) Of course, the case choices is not bound to these three :P i can help you if you find cases you'd otherwise prefer.

GTX 770 build 

This will be more expensive around 1020$ but will give you an extra 15 average fps even 20 which a big difference. Like instead of running at 46 fps in farcry 3 like the 760 does, it will sit at a fps of 66 which is a huuuge difference when gaming. I would take the 770, it will be more satisfactory for you. the Gainward phantom cooler is super silent, and has a higher GPU core clock speed than most other 770 cards.

GTX 760 build

This is closer to your estimated budget at 900ish $ , but further away from your expectations from a gaming PC. I'm afraid taking this would disappoint you considering you wanted to run BF4 at max graphics which not even the 770 is likely to provide at 60fps. here are some benchmarks where you can find both gtx 760 and 770.

So the question is are you willing to spend the extra 100$ for the better machine?.


Yes, i am. As my budget has now increased. Might be going with this then


That's a good choice, now before you order anything (as your budget increased) i picked the cheaper 770 card, don't know why it's cheaper though ;o, i'd recommend it any day of the week. But if any other gtx 770 card is more pleasant astheticly you can choose those too.

I'd actually not be afraid of recommending the Gainward gtx 770 phantom the card is nice and I've actually owned an 560ti sli setup with the earlier phantom cooling solution, performing very well running happily at like 40% fan speed on 60ish degrees C. Here's a review of the 770 phantom.

EVGA 770 ACX Supposedly the faster of the brands (we're talking single didgit percentage increase like 0-3 fps)  20$ more.

MSI Gaming TwinFrozer 2 A popular brand nowdays, the cooler performs well, not as good as the phantom but it's known for it's overclocking abilities. 20 $ more.

ASUS Direct CU II Known for being quiet and having lower stock speeds, but surprisingly overclocking friendly due to it's great cooling solution. 20$ more.

The Gainward Phantom isn't a bad pick at all, i just wanted you to know all your options before you go ahead ordering anything. Don't want you to find out about these other graphics cards later and think "damn that snailswrath for not showing me these cards!!!"

There's one thing i should ask

Do you need a dvd reader/writer? if you think you need one add this one . It's by no means the best one, but how many times do you actually use your optical drive nowdays xD Like installing windows, and physical games once every 6 months or so :P

i myself would go with an asus motherboard over gigabyte. If you can find vender that sells an ASUS M5A97 R2.0, that would be what I would choose, but thats my opinion.