Need help for THE CHEAPEST PC

Good day ladies and gentlemen.


Here's the deal. I was looking forward to make a PC I would use exclusively for work (I am but a highschool student). That means basically text editing, browsing and maybe a little image manipulation with GIMP (of course, nothing big, just for making fancy titles and illustrations for work projects) as well as a little coding (C, Java) occasionally. No gaming whatsoever.

I was thinking about using an AMD A4-3300 which costs roughly 40 bucks where I live. If there is a CPU+GPU or APU option, be it Intel or AMD, that is cheaper as well as somewhat equally efficient, please let me know, this is actually my first build. Again, this PC would be designed for work and for work only, so nothing fancy. Whoever designes the cheapest build (I was thinking about something that wouldn't cost more than 150€) gets a cute cat picture, I guess.



The best i could come up with with acceptable performance:

You probably want it to be somewhat portable right? If so, here's one with a smaller case. It does have a 275w PSU but you won't ever get that high unless you get a dedicated GPU or something.

Thanks a bunch for the input! But are 4GB of RAM that necessary? I plan on using Mint or Ubuntu.

You could use less I guess... but there isn't much of a price difference.

i made a few builds for /g/ on 4chan a while back since they only use their computers for anime and Gentoo linux