Need help for planing to buy a gpu

i would like nvidia offer on their gpu, but amd is great alternative 

XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double Dissipation Edition 3GB @ $316 [openbox no display port adapter] so tempting :)

or a brand new evga gtx 660ti @ $299 or a evga gtx 670 @ $359/w rebates?

im hoping for any suggestions thanks guys!

*edit* okay what i actually meant was.. nvidia, but the ati will run cooler

also here's a photo of a cat eating spaghetti


cute cat :)
should i get the 7970 coz of lower price? its $316 but its opened box.

Personally I would get a sapphire 7950 boost for $300 before MIR (comes with Crysis3 & BioShock). The 7950 is only 5-7% slower than a 7970 clock-for-clock because of the fewer shaders but comes clocked way lower by default. Each are capable of roughly the same overclocks so you have a ton of headroom for free performance with the 7950. My friend bought the sapphire 7950 and set it to 1125mhz without touching the voltage and runs great.