Need Help For PC

Im Building a PC and I need help to tell me if this would be a good PC

Needs an SSD and something other than a budget CPU cooler...

What are you using it for?

Gaming Video recording and rendering.


With the budget of yours, get a better CPU cooler.

What is better

Noctua NH-D14

If you don't plan to do massive overclocking, a cheaper motherboard and Hyper 212 will be just fine.

no need for a 4930k 4770k should suite you just fine. No way in hell you need 32gb of ram unless your doing extreme video effect's such a cg movie like effect's 16 or even 8 gb should do you fine.graphic's card's should be fine.Their is no need for a full tower case unless your doing a crazy custom water cooled system and it takes up way too much damn space if that's a concern for you.Another thing is you need an ssd to run in tandem with that HDD+ i recommend you pick up one 2tb HDD for better reliability and lesser failure rates=no lost footage.Last but not least next time you ever wan't too show the spec's of your PC please use i assure many people would appreciate it instead of 100 word's just mashed together.I didn't mean too come off harsh, and if I did I'm sorry but I'm just trying too edumicate you  on a few thing's.

Thank's and goodbye