Need Help For A Computer




Power Supply

Hard Drive



Cpu Cooler

My max price is 750$  (is this a good build?)


I’m sure there will be others who tell you that you should change this part for this part but on average there is nothing wrong with this build. Remember to add in the cost of your OS into the build. By using a liquid cooling solution for your CPU make sure you have enough powerful fans for all the other components that require cooling in your system. I don’t see any RAM in your build specs so remember to add that too. Other wise as long as this system does everything you want it to do then it looks like you have hit the nail on the head. Enjoy your build and I am sure you will get many years of enjoyment for this system.

I'd just get a better PSU like a corsair builder series maybe? 

It dosnt have ram because the motherboard comes with ram which is G.Skill 1600 8gb ram and are these good enough fans?  One dollar over...