Need help fixing RAM instability

I had thought the system was stable, but random freezes suggest otherwise. I'm trying to get a kit of 32 gb ram stable at 3,000 mhz on the 100 strap. I know 125 is the preferred strap for 3k ram, but the 100 strap is so close to being stable, and it doesn't mess with everything else. I'm experiencing random freezes basically, where I could run ram stability tests for hours usually passing.

Sometimes I can run HCI memtest to 400% on 16 instances and Google's stressapptest for an hour without any errors, and other times it errors out towards the end of the run.

Current specs:

Base Clock: 100
Uncore Multiplier: 43
Core Multiplier: 46

Ram frequency: 3000
CAS: 15
RAS to CAS delay: 15
RAS pre time: 15
RAS ACT time: 35
Command Rate: 2T
DRam Voltage: 1.35
System Agent: 0.98

I've tried system agent from 0.96 to 0.98, and I still get the random freezes at all settings. Should I try bumping DRam voltage up to 1.4? I can't seem to get 3200 stable, I've heard that frequency works better on the 100 strap.

Which motherboard are you using?
I think you might need to add a littlebit more SA voltage.
But this highly depends on the cpu and motherboard.

Maybe the problem isn't with your ram, it might be your processor or motherboard.
Also, try changing the voltage for the ram .
I guess you can also try changing the slots your ram currently is in.

It's a Rampage v extreme. The first time the computer froze the leds showed a Q code for memory error.

try to bump the SA voltage to arround 1.02V.
And look if that improves stability.
If that is stable, you might try to work backwards if you like.

Also running your ram at 1.4V will be fine.
So i would suggest to set that aswell.

Alright, I passed HCI till 900% at least. Booted back up and started freezing every boot, and if I got into the desktop I would freeze shortly later. Ended up keeping ram at 1.4, and dropping SA to 0.98, and everything looks good so far. I might run another mem test later, but so far everything seems good.