Need help fixing intermittent Wi-Fi issues

@Dexter_Kane I was using the term L3 switch in its broadest term, What I should have said was a modem and a router.

If you are able to afford it, do you think a powerline adaptor would be able to help with getting internet in some of the hard to reach places?

Now the overall connectivity will depend on how old the electrical system is, but I think it may work if you are able to get something decent.

For example:

This is just a suggestion that could be a possible solution, I fully do not expect you to consider this if you can’t.

I have my mother just about convinced to let me add Ethernet to this old house, once I am working again and have the money to pay for it, so it looks like I will have an interesting project to do this summer. I am hoping she will let me add some drops inside the walls, of course, this means I will be tearing up plaster and adding a Network closet. I will be assuming all the costs, but I am willing to do that, I am developing a real hatred for WIFI.

No, I don’t think so because of the materials used in the electrical wiring. When we continued to have issues with the WIFI even after my sister returned the Xbox 360 to my Brother-Inlaw; I had a friend come out with a device to measure what could be causing interference with the WIFI. The only thing we could figure out what was still causing interference with the WiFi signal was the electrical wiring in the house. You got to remember the electrical wiring in this house is probably almost a hundred years old, and the metals used in creating electrical wiring back then are completely different. What we suspect is the wiring in the walls is causing a damping field, so the WIFI signal has to overcome that interference and what we have just can’t do that. Because we have to go outside to make or receive cell phone calls with any reliability is the evidence why we think our thoughts are correct on what is going on with our WiFi issues. So our choices are either wire the whole house for ethernet or purchase some special enterprise Wifi equipment, right now I am trying to figure out which would be the cheaper better option.