Need Help! First Build Ever

Hey guys!


So I'm fairly new to PC gaming and would like some help with a build. I would like some help from you guys to build a good PC for less than $700. I might be able to go up to $750. Here is what I would like:

1) To be able to play recent games like BF4, ESO, Watchdogs, and some other newer games at 1080p, atleast 30fps on high-medium settings. (Antialiasing doesnt really matter to me)

2) For it to be 100% upgradedable for the future. (That includes CPU).

3)ATX board. Nothing smaller please since I would like space for 2 graphics cards (2-3 slots).

4) Good functionality to cost ratio. So if CPU is $20 more but atleast .4Ghz its better, same goes for GPU. HDD > SSD. Prefer USB3.0. Would like atleast 8GB Ram, but 4 gb would do.

5) Would like a cheap case with lots of space for these parts and to be able to add water cooler in the future. Also, would really like it to have dust covers.

I know I sound really demanding but hope you guys can really help me out. I actually live in guatemala and will be ordering from US websites. I would like to spend around $700. I was originally thinking to get a PS4 but PC really seems the way to go. I love MMORPGs and Strategy 4X games. I'm also into shooters and that is why I would like these specs. I currently have a very low end pc and I'm looking to get a better one.

Thanks for your help in advance guys!!

Oh I forgot to mention, I have this budget to get it right away, but I can upgrade i the future. So I only need one GPU right now, if you know of a cheap cpu cooler that would be great since guatemala is really hot. Also forgot to mention that I would like the case to have plenty of space for fans and other coolers for the same reason. I can get fans later on. Thanks again