Need help finding the right laptop

Hey guys, just wanted asked your opinion on certain laptops/netbooks. I  just need a decentlyly good laptop that can do the basics basics such as web surf movies, etc. I would also like to install linux unbuntu and do some programming; mainly C++. My budget is around $300. Some laptops/netbooks I had in mine were these

Acer Aspire One AO756 intel celeron 877, 11.6" Netbook

Asus X401A-BHPDN Intel Pentium B980, 14.0" Laptop


Please feel free to leave any suggestions and experiences on any brands, models, etc. 



if yo dont mind refurbishedthe moble apu's are very close the the intel's i-series a6=i3 a8=i5  and the a10 is better than i5 by about 10%

first gen a8 should be just under i5 moble or equal to i5 moble second gen.

Thanks for the response. Anybody else got suggestions?

an ebay ibm might do you well, they last damn near forever


Definitely get IBM Thinkpads for cheap or Lenovo (X60, R60, T60 and up)

I have a T42 that's been heavily used for office work, needs a better battery, a T61p that had a broken gpu board, replaced it with an intel one & a newer T61p with revised gpu (nvidia problem). The keyboard is amazing, especially on the older IBMs (harder).

Or get refurbished Dells like a D630, my dad and a friend have had one and served them well (office/programming).

Thanks for the feed back guys. I'm considering on a lenovo ideapad notebooks. I like the design of a full keyboard. Perfect for programming.