Need help finding laptop for school

Hey guys

Well its that time of the year, im heading off for university. Anyway, i need a laptop and after endlessly prowling through the internet for deals and looking at hundreds of computers i need your help finding something. Here are the perameters. 

the things i really want

1. please have a 1600*900 screen or 1080p

2. anything under 1" thick is good

3. good battery life 

things good to have: (these things by no means a deal breaker)

1. discrete graphics

2. utrabook thin :)

3. backlit keyboard a student, around $600-800, prefer lower

P.S i will not be heavy gaming, integrated graphics are fine, this laptop mostly for school stuff (word, light programing video calls)  Any help will be very appreciated.

Also i didnt notice any category under which this topic fits so i just put it in general. if there is a better place please do tell as i am a noob.

So, I think I found a good match to you criteria.

It's an ASUS Zenbook which you may be familiar with since Logan made a video about upgrading one awhile back.

It doesn't have discrete graphics which would be a deal breaker for me personally but it other than that it's good. It comes in at $700 with a 1600x900 screen, an i5, backlit keyboard etc.

1600x900 should look great on a 13.3 inch display. Honestly, I think this would be a good choice but feel free to shop around and look at any other suggestions should some come up.

thanks, definately considering :)

No problem, I'm still looking around though. You could easily pick  up a nice gaming laptop from eBay if you want the descrete  GPU but that's isn't very ideal for a few reasons.

i have a desktop for my gaming needs, dont need a laptop with gaming capabilities to distract me from school even more :)

This laptop is amazing. I HIGHLY reccomend it. I've bought three, 2 for my siblings and 1 for my dad. We all work in an office and these things are fast, light, powerful, and extremely mobile. The only thing I could ask for more is a discrete graphics card. But we don't need it since it's just for the office.