Need Help Finding an Audio Passthrough/Switch Device

So I recently bought some speakers that only have 1 input, but I need a way to connect them to multiple devices through a switching device like DAC or something.

I need one that has multiple RCA inputs, and anything else would just be a bonus. Also, a way to control the volume via a knob or remote control would be nice. Also needs to fit on my desk, so a gigantic home theater sized receiver won’t work.

For the life of me, I don’t even know what to search for and I need suggestions on where to start looking.
Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

search for “passive preamp”

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@Tjj226_Angel Thank you. I knew about these, I just couldn’t get my brain to recall what they were called.

Actually, Z Reviews comes in clutch again. This seems to be a great option. More suggestions are welcome though.

Yeahhhhh no. Zreviews is fun to watch, and he gives good and honest opinions, but you have to take what he says with a massive grain of salt.

What he shows in the interview is NOT a passive preamp. It really isn’t even an active preamp. Its something called an interface or “studio interface” if you prefer.

It has a bunch of crap you wont need, it will most likely make your audio sound worse, and its extremely expensive for your needs.

I mean if you can go without a volume knob, then these cheap dinky radio shack selector switches on ebay will work just fine.

I wouldn’t say that it has a bunch of stuff I don’t need. In fact, it has a lot of versatility that I could utilize. I could see this helping a ton when I start streaming again.

I’m not too worried about audio quality degradation. This is purely a convenience item. If I wanted spotless audio playback, I’ve got other headphones, amps, DACS, Stax Earspeakers, etc.

Though, I’m still open to suggestions.

Stax huh? Did you see my avatar?

I am not a streamer by any sense of the imagination, but I am not sure how you think this would help. Could you point out some features you think might be beneficial?

I also want to make sure you understand that the input/output jacks on this thing are all TRS (headphone plug) connectors. RCA connectors would be ideal for PC audio and PC/console streaming.

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Yeah, It’s the Stax SRS-3100 system.

Yeah, I realize they are 1/4 inch connections. Easily converted to RCA with an adapter plug.

Well, this would beneficial for streaming for several reasons.

  • The ability to change music levels on the fly without having to screw with software controls.
  • Microphone level adjustments and monitoring those levels over the headphone outputs. You can do this through software in windows, but there’s always a delay.
  • The fact that this simultaneously connects my computer to just about anything else I have. My speakers, 2 sets of headphones, a line in for my phone audio, microphone, etc. Not having to screw with audio levels through software is so worth it when streaming or gaming.

There are other things on the market that are cheaper that I honestly think would be a smarter approach, however they all require you to buy a passive pre AND and audio interface.

For instance I think that something like the focusrite scarlet would be a better idea for streaming. I have used it for some BS recordings and its nice, simple, and it works as advertised.

When you are doing anything live, the simpler controls are a pretty nice features.

Unfortunately it does not do any audio input switching.

Mackie has recently brought out a cut-down version of that unit - Big Knob Passive - that is a passive switch. Expensive for something that can only switch 2 inputs and 2 outputs

you might also want to consider searching for "audio mixer"
small mixers have rca connections for consumer grade gear rather than XLR or 6.35mm jacks.
There is usually someone selling something like an altoids tin with a passive resistor network to combine mutiple line levels

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Schiit’s Sys works well, got it sitting next to my dac/amp. one dial for input, one for volume, 2 sets RCA in , 1 set RCA out.

Edit: Its also got a small footprint that I like, Size: 5 x 3.5 x 1.25”