Need help finding a specific case

Can someone pls tell me where I can buy a Xigmatek Octans case. Im finding it hard to find any good Xigmatek cases anywhere. I live in the United States. Does Xigmatek not sell some of their cases in the US?

I am not sure, they had a few cases going around but I haven't seen to many models in the last year or so for sale.

Here is the link to there site with a listing of all north american re-sellers. However if the case you are looking for has been discontinued you are probably out of luck.

Thanks for the answers guys! I've looked at all the re-sellers before posting here and they carry some funky looking, very old models and a very limited number of them. well I guess ill just have to admire their cases from afar. Once again thanks for the replies.

The only case that I have come across that somewhat looks like the Octans case is this LINK

It is a Micro ATX case instead of M-ITX case. There is a top 200mm fan but it is non removable and some users reported it to be noisy.

The case has not be released yet in the states it just hit the shelves in asia. Just wait a little while it just got announced in october. Xigmatek is called FU JUN i think in asia here is a link to back up my post. With the currency conversion its like $65 bucks so i think it will be under $99 when it hits the states and hopefully it does. I think it will because I did find several reviews for us and Europe as well as a full English promo post on their Facebook page.

use google translate to read about it 

Hope this helps

P.S. JD has a us site as well the imports to the usa but the case is only on the chinese site right now. I like it looks sleek and I always wished cases did more orange themes. Nice find I didn't know about it till you posted the question.

Thanks for the replies guys. Ill check out the links and ill wait a couple of months before pulling the trigger on the case I want just to see if the Octans case gets released in the states. All of your information has been very helpful. New to these forums and and i'm loving the community so far. 

Xigmatek today confirmed the release in Europe for next week. MSRP for the Octan is 59,99 US$. Since the MSRP is given in US$, I would tend to think that the release date is equally true for the US.

They do but it's expensive. Cheapest case I've seen was 159-199. They have that xelsium for like 300 bucks.