Need help finding a spacebar k70 mxred

For the life of me I cannot find a replacement spacebar for the Corsair Vengeance k70 CherryMX Red. It's out of warranty, and on the list of vendors all it does is list more keyboards for me to buy. I did find a "generic MX" spacebar on amazon, but it doesn't have the outer coating that comes standard on the keyboard I have.

Should I just find some liquid rubber and spray it down maybe?

keyboard in question:


I found a few websites whilst digging around in the mechanical keyboard subreddit's archives.

MaxKeyboards right? I believe they have sets for the Corsairs layout.

Yeah better than nothing. It's just going to cost me 20 bucks with shipping for a space bar....

If you have not all ready ordered it yet. Ihere are some very nice blank PBT caps on maasdrop right now that should fit the k70, has three space bars and a ton of other sized modifiers. Wod take a while to get to you, has no LED shine through, and is only white grey or light grey.

I got some before and I am buying some of theae again now for another project. They are great caps and you can dye them colours you want if you like.

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I'll check it out. Need 6.5"
I wonder if I could just spray liquid rubber on the one I have?

Yeah its got 6, 6.5, and 7u spaces in the PBT, its a pretty comprehensive kit. Got 117 keys in the set for a 104 key board. With various size bottom row modifiers from 1u to 1.5 and the inbetween 1.25s as well. So its got it covered.

It's also got the ISO modifiers too this time. Hail The great Noodle in the sky for he has blessed Europeans with ISO modifiers. All Hail.

If you are thinking of it get the white kit and then you can dye it any of the iDye Poly range of colours. I have done some if yellpw before and it is kick ass. Going to do some more when these new ones arrive in dark grey and purple.

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