Need help finding a small ATX case

Good day all. I'm a first timer question asking member. Hope every one is doing great. 


Here is my dilemma. I am searching for a small, cubic type PC case to leave on my desk. I have 3 cats and t young kids. So you get an idea that leaving the case on the floor is subject to lots of dirt and stuff in the case. Oh and the non stop rebooting from having the kids play with the front buttons. The only ATX cases i found so far are the Cooler Master Lan box and the Corsair air 540 but they are a bit too much for what i am looking for and i am lookinf for something more subtile and silent. If you guys have any suggestion it would be greatly appreciated. I do not need long GPU support i have a Asus HD7770 but i plan on getting a second one, MB Is a Asus M5A97 2.0. If possible more that 2 3.5 HDD support. If i am missing any info do not hesitate to tell me. 



You could try top mounted buttons, such as the Fractal Design Define R4.  Otherwise, I don't know of any small ATX cases.  I'd suggest downsizing your PC, but AMD AM3+ has no real options to downsize.

After a quick search I found two cases that might be an option for you.

The first one is the Fractal Design NODE 605. It's a HTPC with full ATX support.

I think it also meets your requirements in terms of esthetics.

The problem here is that your CPU cooler won't fit so you would have to get a new one ( maybe a Noctua top blow cooler ). Also it might not provide enouqh cooling options for two GPUs.

The second option and probably the better one in your case is the Cooler Master HAF XB, especially when you want to do a Crossfire configuration. Logan even made an overview video if you want to get a good impression of this case.

I hope I could help you with your problem.

Thank you for the point outs. I guess the one that would kinda fit my needs would be the Coller Master HAF. Im not a bif fan of the looks and i was looking for something that i could put more 3.5 HDD. but i guess in that kind of market i shouldn't be that picky. Withe the Node it does not look like i would have enought space to crossfire HD7770s. Can't wait to see if you guys have other options if not i guess the CM will be the way to go.


EDIT: I just saw there is an HAF XB EVO that supports 4 x 3.5 HHD. That just might do the trick. But i would still prefer something less noisy-ish.