Need help finding a keyboard

Im looking for a keyboard to finish off a build im working on. Ive searched but was unable to find what im looking for.  maybe one of you guys know of a keyboard that has what i want.

what im looking for

- cherry MX blue switches

- blue backlit

- media keys/buttons

- possibly a wrist rest

i cant seem to find a single board with all of that. which seems odd since there are tons of boards with any one of those options but none with all of them. maybe i have seen some boards with all those options theyre just too mundane to even post as a feature.

Not gonna look right now but the Razer Black Widow Ultimate has blue switches, blue backlit, media key overlays (over the F# keys), macro keys to the left. No wrist rest though.

Completely random side note, did you know blue light is the most damaging areas of the visible light spectrum for your eyes. Now you know. 

that explains why my eye doctor loves me so much. as for the keyboard thanks. newegg doesent have it listed as blue switches (but then again it doesent say what type of switches it has)which may be why i missed it.