Need help figuring out how this guy made this gnome extension

I am trying to figure out how he actually achieves a blur filter.

Gnome 3 is not supposed to be able to read CSS3 commands nor is it supposed to be able to handle webkit filters without recompiling gnome. So clearly there is some voodoo at work.

My hope is that I can apply blur to a number of other features in gnome through javascript.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the effects provided by the extension are managed by Clutter ( )
From shared.js:

        name: _("Blur"),
        effect: Clutter.BlurEffect,
        active: true

Huh. Interesting.

All roads lead back to C I guess.

Thats pretty slick too since it is already running off of opengl.

Now all I need to do is edit the clutter blur file so that it uses a better gausian blur rather than a mean average blur.