Need help deciding settings on GTA 5

So my rig consists of the following:
16gb ram at 2133
980ti 6gb

So, I currently have gta5 completely maxed out, however i get random drops to around 30 in the desert/near ocean that really bum me out. Buy 980ti and only use 3gb of the ram but still somehow dropping.

Anyways, I have fxaa off, msaa at 4x with mfaa forced in the control panel, and then i have txaa on. everything else is as high as it can go (except i turned off high resolution shadows)

So my questions:
Should i consider using DSR?
If yes, what aliasing with DSR
If no, what aliasing settings should i use

Thanks a bunch

Bump before bed?

Quick Q, what is your RAM and is it rated to run at those speeds (aka is it overclocked)?

And what resolution are you driving?

Sounds like you're bumping into a storage issue possibly. The game has to stream a lot of data, especially when you're on the move. Try lowering texture and geometric detail, also check your Gpu ram usage, if you're using those settings at a high resolution you may even overrun your 6GB of Vram.

In my experience, the textures don't impact performance much at all. Try turning of all AA and see how that does. If that fixes it, then start turning them back on until you find a nice compromise.

2133mhz and 16gb. Not overclocked. 1080p

GTA says im only using 3.1 gb of my 6gb of vram

I dont really know what im doing this is the first card i have ever used that i havent been forced to use just fxaa

Few things i have read but havent tried:
Turning off any of the advanced graphics, as they destroy cpu
I read that txaa and mfaa shouldnt be combined

I tried turning grass down to high but im still getting some pretty bad stuttering

Any ideas? Have still been having issues, are there ways to optimize the game?