Need help deciding on a monitor

TLDR: Since the PX277H in not available is the PX275H or PX276H better for mixed use?

Hi ya’ll, I’m looking to upgrade my monitor. I’ve done lots of research and need help narrowing down my choices. I watched the two excellent review videos, by Wendell, of the Pixio monitor line. Unforntuanly it looks like the PX277h is no longer being made. This leaves the PX275H and PX276H. I really want the IPS panel of the PX275 but am also tempted by the refresh rate of the PX276H that Wendell reviewed. When I put my old TN laptop next to my new IPS laptop the latter looks terrible. As far as refresh rate I’ve never had a high refresh monitor so I don’t a reference for comparison. I’m upgrading from a 24’ IPS 60Hz monitor. I spend most of my time doing school work and web browsing with gaming on the weekend. I know this will probably come down to personal preference but I’m interested in others opinion.

Modern TN panels are not like older laptop TN panels. Aside from the colors being off, they are pretty good. After having gone high refresh, I have a hard time dealing with just 60hz.

95hz is nothing to scoff at either.

If you need the more accurate colors for photo/video editing, go for the IPS… If you dont, I would go for the 144hz option.

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In my opinion TN panels started to become very good sometime between 2010-2011, ViewSonic used 2-4sec refresh TN screens within their X-series monitors and accuracy wise they were 80% to an IPS monitor if you never went higher than a 24" panel. Only downside with TN screens is many OEMs have their own “standards”, ViewSonic in the early days of LCD monitors would “certify” certain TN screens for varying types of work usage & calibration support. There are TN gaming panels which can sometimes be better than a budget/entry level IPS monitor but your mileage varies.

As far as myself, I actually use an IPS and TN monitor combo–there are times I find a TN screen is more fluid/smoother for faster motion but the viewing angles is where it suffers.

Yeah, definitely not doing any photo editing. I just need something I can’t enjoy a good movie on. As long as the TN doesn’t look like someone is pointing a flashlight at it while you’re watching it should work.

Thanks for the help,

Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look at ViewSonic’s offerings.