Need help deciding on a $500-600 laptop

First of all, sorry if this isn't supposed to be posted, I looked at the rules and didn't see anything against my type of post.

I'm going to buy a laptop soon and just wanted to know what you thought of the ones I'm looking at getting now

I'll be using it for regular internet browsing and playing games when I'm not on my desktop.
The only game that the laptop needs to run is League of Legends (Recommended specs for that game found below) (I want to be maxing out league of legends, which shouldn't be hard at a laptop resolution.


My price range is from $500-650 roughly, though I"d prefer to spend under $600

I work at staples so I will get 10% off of any laptop from there, so laptops available at staples will probably be the best bet
(We do price-match by the way) so if the same laptop is cheaper on amazon I can get it from staples for the amazon price plus another 10% off

Any suggestions?


League of legends system requirements:

Laptops I am currently Considering:

this is the wrong place to post this try posting in PC gaming or some other hardware forum, your will get alot more help