Need help deciding between cpu/mobo

Hello !

i am building a custom pc and i cannot decide which set is better.

Here is my current build:(Arock pro4 & i5-2500k)

I was thinking about changing the cpu and mobo for a Asus motherboard and i5-3570k, but i dont know which one would be better, or should i just change the mobo and keep i5? or what? please help and give advice on what to do.


Budget is >>1k

High end gaming pc

might as well go with the newer stuff. both are great. If overclocking go with the 2500k. with the 3570 you would need upgrade the cpu cooler. 

I would leave the CPU the same and go for the ASUS board. You only really need Ivy bridge if you are going to be taking advantage of pci 3.0. Sandybridge overclocks better than Ivy Bridge and in games its about a 2 to 3 frames per second difference in gaming peformance. It's not a big thing and you can put the money you save from not upgrading to an ivy bridge processor towards a better heatsink then the hpyer 212 evo. Just a suggestion someone else might have a better suggestion than me but its just and idea.