Need help creating nice layout using framesets

I HAVE to use framesets to create a layout. I know how to use div tags, but i hate framesets because it doesnt look nice to me. i want to create a layout like the shape of the teksyndicate layout. 

Why the hell are they making you use framesets, there not supported anymore (HTML5)

Anyway look at this page. 

Got some info about using frame sets, though this page will most probs be the most useful

i argued with my teacher, but he insisted "framesets" are widely used. And i shouldn't use div tags.  Framesets look soo bad, especially because of the scroll bar that appears :( .i might show a bit of evidence of framesets, but then use div tags for the layout

This may be an old post, but you should write a complaint against your teacher stating that he is incompetant, and knows nothing about the industry he is supposed to be teaching.

Also, you should put laxotives in his tea, because he sounds like an asshole.