Need help creating an encrypted all in one solution on cloud

I have 5TB of onedrive space thanks to my uni and I want to put that to a good use.
need a cross platform solution to upload encrypted backups from my phone and pc with acess to all files on both the systems.

using the space for a cloud hosted plex and navidrome server with automated uploads using sonarr.

i’d appriciate some links to guides or tools that i can use

You can try

But Microsoft panics a bit when files are encrypted when uploaded, thinking it is ransomware. Its going to pester you via email for about 3 times before it shuts up that you have potentially ransomwared files.


are there any free alternatives?
the android app requires lisence and it’s 10$

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That old game, I honestly would not bother

First, it can be pulled at any time for any reason. Not really worth relying on

Second, OneDrive is absolute garbage. I have about 20TB in available OneDrive and don’t use it for anything. I used it with StableBit CloudDrive, Arq, rsync and several others, and it always chockes and ends up with a zillion little files that you can’t delete causing a big-ol-mess


Agreed. OneDrive is awful.

I think they know, and they keep it like that

It is fine for storing documents and general files, which is what its sold as. So it keeps people using it for not much of anything, vs Google Drive which people heavily tax with third party applications

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