Need help creating a MicroATX gaming build

Was redirected to this very helpful website via reddit after doing extensive research these past few months on building PCs.  Freshly joined and first post, so I apologize if it's coarse; I'm still learning.  I decided it was time to consult more knowledgable professionals in semi-realtime because a) I still have unanswered questions, and b) I feel inundated with information and need a reference cornerstone suggestion to begin.

So as the title hints, I'm interested in building a microATX gaming rig (actually my first rig period).  I disclaim that I by no means know if this is the best route per my profile; really the deciding factor right now is portability (not that I think I'd value it that much, but it's always sweet to have).  What strayed me away from an even smaller, more portable form factor, is that my research showed that mini-ITX builds were hot, noisy, and FPS limited.

As aforementioned, this is my very first time building a PC.  With that being said, I figure the easiest way to claim what I'm looking for and thus receive helpful feedback, is by following the guideline outline highlighted in the sticky post:

  • Main use - Gaming, Twitch, YouTube uploading.  
  1. Gaming preference = the higher the FPS and nicer the resolution the better, but if there is marginal difference      between "high" settings and "ultra" with most games, I'm willing to settle for the cheaper route.  Would even be happy with something averaging at least 60FPS, as I'm told the human eye doesn't notice much past this. As for the games themselves, I'm mostly MMORPG, RPG/Adventure, FPS/Strategy, Sandbox - World of Warcraft, Witcher 3, Skyrim (fully beauty modded), Battlefield 4, Arma/DayZ, Minecraft.
  •  Budget - $600-$1000
  • I live in the United States, Maryland to be specific.  There is no retailer I necessarily prefer, just the cheaper and more reputable the better.
  • Peripherals - The only additions that would be nice, would be the opportunity to play on my Samsung HDTV, if any additional hardware is necessary, and compatibility to do that fancy-smansy camming on Twitch.  I also would like to experiment using an XBO controller with certain games, such as the Assassin's Creed series.
  • Additional Hardware -
  1. Monitor = Single frame (I don't need that fancy battle station multi-monitor stuff).  The nicer the graphics look, the better, but don't need anything overkill.
  2. Keyboard and mouse = basic dependable bluetooth/wireless
  3. Webcam = Something good for Twitch

That about sums it up.  Would appreciate y'alls feedback! 

the basic:            

concerning the TV:check  the imputs the TV has, but  my guess a HDMI cable will be sufficient

can't recommend a mouse or keyboard since it really depends what you prefer using 


I would stay far far away from that SSD.

In general, as you go smaller, it becomes slightly harder to build due to cable management and such.  Mini-ITX is not bad - in fact my first build was Mini-ITX(still running great).  It's just that you need to pick your parts wisely as many M-ITX cases have some limitations.

Micro-ATX is nice because it's both relatively compact and has room for more than one expansion slot.

Something to get you started on: