Need help cpu is hot

Please help me my cpu is ideling in the uefi/bios at 77 digres it is an amd 7850 apu on a asrock fatality motherboard powed by a corsair cx750m the gpu is a sapphire r7 260x the cpu cooler is the corsair h60 for storage i have a sergat 1tb sshd all in the nzxt phantom 410 it has 4 fans including the one on the h60 all set to max please help 

Do you even punctuate?

Sounds like the CPU cooler isn't mounted properly. Take it off, clean the thermal paste off (rubbing alcohol and a microfibre cloth (coffee filters also work)), re-apply a small amount of thermal paste (Un-cooked grain of rice) and re-mount the heatsink.

Make sure you use a good quality thermal paste and do not drown the CPU in thermal paste, as too much will also kill a CPU.