Need help choosing what to buy

Okay. so everyone needs to help me make a choice with my tax refund. Ill have approx 400 dollars for funtime spending. the rest is being saved. So. Should I spend the whole 400 on a nexus 10, or spend 200 on a nexus 7, and 200 for PC upgrades/watercooling and the likes? PLEASE GIVE REASONS. Im so indecisive.

Thanks :)

Nexus 7 lol. Don't really need any extra power just for a web surfer really.



I thought about that, but Its going to be used as a laptop replacement. 

The screen and pixel density of the nexus 10 is great, 2560 x 1600 (300 ppi).

I would be using it for streaming movies and such, as well as webbrowsing (I would conect it to my 1TB external) 

But I would really like to go with watercooling for my case, as well. 

Im very confused in what I want, lol.

buy a 8350. its much better for gaming than what you currently have.