Need Help Choosing the ideal GPU for me and hello

Hi guys, just joined the community and I have a question(as most do) but before i ask it i just wanted to say hello, and thanks for reading. Okay so what i'm looking for(I know i'm not going to get anywhere near everything i want but it be nice to get close) Is a GPU that is capable of occasionally doing light gaming on TF2, CS-GO, Isaac, super meat boy and Arma 2 at a stablish 40-60FPS, But it also needs to be capable of quickly rendering blender models, compiling C++ as fast as possible, and running 2 24inch monitors at 1080 60hz.My Budget is microscopic i only have 175$ to spend. I will most likely be overclocking, I don't care about features like shadow play, and i have no preference of nivida vs amd.

after a little research, i found that the 650 TI boost, the radeon hd 7850, and the radeon 6970 all seem like good cards for gaming in my price range but im not sure if they would meet my preferred speeds for rendering blender and compiling C++.

Cant wait to read your opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Thanks for your responses in advanced


The 7850 may be the best option, i dont know much about that 650ti though. But all the games except ArmA 2 you should be able to get at least 40FPS. With my 7770 which isn't as good, i get about 12-23 on Arma 2. So im not exactly sure what that 7850 would do for you but im not the smartest guy out there but i hope i helped just a little.

Thanks for the quick reply, I was also leaning towards the 7850, do you have yours overclocked if so how much and which 7850 do you have/suggest

Ive been having lots of problems lately and have no idea why. very poor fps and arma 2 would reboot my computer after about 5 minutes. got the beta drivers and reset the OC to factory settings. got about 15-20 fps and rebooted after about a half hour. This never has happened before so i decided to clean my CPU heatsink and when i took it off i moved the CPU and broke it... so now its busted and ill have to wait till christmas and from there ill be getting all new parts. And im probably not the best person to ask but i would get an ASUS 7850.

I had a HD 7850 in my old system and it was great for 1080p gaming.  I would get the 2GB version of the HD 7850 or a 7870.

If i got the 7850 i would probably end up geting the msi 7850 2g

Thats too bad about your computer, and ive read that the msi 2g 7850 is pretty good and is in my price range

arma 2 fps is mostly based off what cpu and ram set up for what ever reason but the other games will be great on a 7790/650ti boost or better so the 7850 2gb would be a good option like others have said

thanks, my cpu isn't that great its a dual core Athlon 2 will that not be good enough? i think my ram should be find its 2 sticks of 4gb 1600mhz kingston blu

What about a 7870?