Need help choosing peripherals

I've just gotten a £130 refund for a defective G930 headset and are looking at getting a keyboard & mouse or another headset. I can't think of what to get so have come here to ask :D.

Total budget (Discluding delivery costs) would be £152 with maybe abit of room, say £10 extra or so. All peripherals would need to be wired and of gaming-grade.

Basically: Could the wonderful people of TekSyndicate do abit of "Looking around" and find me either a gaming keyboard & mouse combo or gaming headset, within that budget. I'd do this myself, and sort of am. But there's a lot of peripherals out there to consider :(.


I live in the UK so naturally: Could you confine your search to UK based retailer's / prices.

All considerations must have wires, wires suck but I've had a bad experience with the G930 (Wireless headset) plus, recharging headsets / finding batteries for shizzle: Sucks.


Thanks! :D

Forgot this: I'd like 5.1 surround sound atleast on the headset + noise cancelling / quieting (That ain't even a word :D).