Need help choosing keyboard

My keyboard broke recently and I need a new one. My old (current) board was a 25$ keyboard and did it’s jo rather well. That being said, I’d like my new keyboard to be an upgrade :-), for example, I’d like to have some backlight.
At the moment, I’ll probably pick one of these two boards (although I’m open to suggestions):

Any recommendations?

Linus had a pretty good video about cheap mechanical keyboards maybe two weeks ago or so. I am actually running a small wired apple keyboard these days just because it is so quiet. Would love me some backlight though.

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Thanks, I’ll look for his vid.

Yeah the Apple keyboard is pretty silent - but then again, nothing is silent the way I type :smiley: (at least according to my wife)

I found the table to be a big factor on noise, now I have a desk mat under the keyboard and it is a lot quieter.

Just found the video you were talking about:

If you like 10-keyless then you should look at the K65 RGB its good, I use it as my daily driver, and it works well for me.

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Anne Pro is pretty good, uses Gaterons (better switches then Cherry):

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Thanks again, I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’d really like to have a numpad since there is enough space on my desk :wink:

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I recently got this and added clear O-rings to soften the clicky-clacky. It uses Kahil Reds switches.
I love it.

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This is also a thing.

A bit bling for my tastes but I have the smaller version from the same people and if this is comparable it will be nice and solid. There are a few switch options but might be under different listings.

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My advice would be to make sure you do your research IF your using linux as your daily driver. I and several hundred other people have issues with the Corsair K70 model keyboards. The computer will boot fine, but the keyboard will not work forcing a half dozen resets before it works correctly. Also, Corsair does not natively support their keyboards within the Linux OS, which means you have to use open source, and might I add buggy, drivers.

However, if linux is not your daily driver, then I cannot recommend the K70 models. I love mine and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

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While Linux isn’t my daily driver, I’d still like to be able to use it without any keyboard problems, so thanks for the warning :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on these keyboards:

First one is not to my aesthetic taste but hardware wise is pretty good, seen them around a few times and people seem happy with them. TTC switches are not complained about. So solid i would say. Not one for specific software for keyboards but it has it and looks fine, not sure if necessary though that would be my one hang up if so.

Logitech is a fine looking board indeed, but Romer-G switches. Some love them some hate them with blind fury, I have no experience with them to say either way. Not compatible with MX style keycaps in case you ever want to replace them with something custom for the personal touch.

Nearly missed the last one. Looks to be the best of the lot to me. Genuine Cherry switches are assured quality even if they are no longer the smoothest any more there is so little different most never notice. Nice looks, looks solid and with alu/plastic should be nice. Got that top tier ISO layout though, not sure if that is your thing, the other two linked are ANSI so not sure if it is something makes a difference to you.

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I also like that the last one doesn’t need additional drivers or anything like that :slight_smile:

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If you need a simple full keyboard, I can recommend Das Keyboard 4. It used to be my daily driver, I really liked it. I currently have a 60%, because I have a small desk :slight_smile:

If you want backlight, I recommend Ducky (RGB) or the Code keyboard from WASD (simple white backlight).

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These are also available with RGB

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i swear to god if you pick something rgb i will cut you because they are bs if you watch the l1tnews you will have seen the dude from sapphire’s opinion on rgb keyboards, i agree 100% with him omg

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Thanks for all your replies :slight_smile:
I’ve stumbled over the Redradon keyboards in Linus’ video, but they are not available in my country. I now decided to try some ultra rainbow RGB board just to annoy @anon37239676 xD
Seriously though, I went with the (silver) Logitech one above, it has good reviews and if I truly dislike the Romer-G switches I can still send it back for a refund.


His RGB rant just made me think he’s some crusty old dude who doesn’t like flashy new things. I don’t care for the crazy RGB effects (I just find them distracting), but I do like being able to do two-tone for different sections of the keyboard. Plus, if someone likes to match all their colors and they decide to change to a different color setup, they don’t have to buy new peripherals :wink:

To each his own though, as always.