Need Help Choosing ISP

I'm look for an ISP in the Bay Area (San Fransisco, CA) i am looking at these options

  • AT&T Pro DSL (19.95 a month) they say about 6.0 mbps
  •  SONIC.NET 39.95 a month for they say 20 Mbps 
  • Comcast 30 Mbps for 49.99 

Verizon has some 4G LTE home thing. How fast in 4g LTE anyways?
I'm looking for reliability and no line choking which i have experienced with Comcast.
Any help would be great because just out of college kids are kinda broke (Gots a job a Hot Topic Manager) 

look for revies of sonic. comcast isn't bad, but I would stay away from dsl or cellular based internet.

just be sure to read the terms and conditions and pay special attention to anything that says "fair usage", here in the UK the ISPs have a fair usage policy, this basically caps your monthly usage EVEN IF YOUR ON AN UNLIMITED PACKAGE, the only diff is you dont get charged for going over your limit if your on unlimited, you do however still get throttled.

Also if the package name is some like "upto 20mb" it means that youl get anything from 1meg to 20meg :)